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Quote1.png There is a man who has trod the treacherous path betwixt Heaven and Hell for far too long and whose entire existence must not be called to account! This is your challenge, Johnny Blaze. Your life weighed against the girl's. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Prelude to a Private Armageddon!"

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Synopsis for "Prelude to a Private Armageddon!"

Parting company from the Champions following their most recent adventure, Johnny Blaze returns to Dezlany Studios to learn that Katy Milner's condition has become serious. Going to the hospital, Johnny suddenly changes into Ghost Rider when he notices that Katy has been possessed by demons. Being fought off, Ghost Rider changes back into Johnny, who believes that perhaps the Son of Satan can help.

Tracking down Daimon Hellstrom by phone, the Son of Satan agrees to come to Johnny's aid and will be there by nightfall. As he waits, Johnny reflects over his feelings towards all the women in his life as well as his recent adventures. While elsewhere Karen Page reflects over all the men in her lives, and decides to make a choice over which one she cares about most. While in the Delazny Studios building, Cosgrove finds some damning evidence against "Coot" Collier.

At the hospital, Ghost Rider and Son of Satan confront Kate and Hellstrom forces her to expunge the demons from her body. Battling them the two heroes manage to destroy the demons possessing Kate's body. However they find that Kate is now trapped behind an invisible barrier. Suddenly a demon known as the Challenger appears and demands that the Ghost Rider enter a test weighing his value over that of the girl. Realizing that he must take this challenge alone, Ghost Rider rides into the void leaving Hellstrom behind.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]


The real Cedars of Lebanon merged with Mt. Sinai Hospital to form Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in 1961. Cedars-Sinai moved out in 1976.

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