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Synopsis for "The Salvation Run!"

Taking the Challenger's test, the Ghost Rider has to relive the death of Crash Simpson, and the rejection of Roxanne. The Challenger appears and reminds Ghost Rider that he fights for the freedom of Katy Milner AND his own soul. While in the Earth dimension, Coot, Wendy and Richard Pini arrive at the hospital and are filled in on what's going on by the Son of Satan.

Back in the Challenger's realm, Ghost Rider fights his way out of a chasm and then has to protect his "Friend" who has been crucified by many of the foes he has fought. Defeating them all he finds that it is too late and his "Friend" has died. Attacked by the various heroes that Ghost Rider has teamed up with in his time, he is easily overpowered and defeated, having his energy drained away by a doppelganger of the Black Widow.

While back at the Delazny Studio, Stuntmaster is confronted by Death's Head, who has come looking for Karen Page.


  • Cover art: Spider-Man figure by Romita.
  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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