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Synopsis for "Resurrection!"

Defeated by the creations of the Challenger, the demon is about to take Johnny's soul, however Johnny realizes that he still has some strength. Battling his way free, he fights what he believes to be Satan, but soon realizes that the whole thing is an illusion created by the Challenger, and that he's only as powerful as John believes him to be. In coming to this realization, Johnny is able to defeat "Satan" and free himself and save Katy.

Transported back to the hospital room where Katy was being held, all are shocked when Katy changes into Roxanne Simpson, Johnny's one true love. While kissing Roxanne, Karen enters the room and realizes that she foolishly chose to love Johnny Blaze. Leaving the room before anyone could see her, she is knocked out by the Stuntmaster and brought before Death's Head.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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  1. Marvel Essentials: Ghost Rider, Volume 1

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