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Synopsis for "Two Against Death!"

Ghost Rider and Stunt Master smash in on Death's Head as he is attacking Daredevil. Ghost Rider helps Daredevil fight off Death's Head, who vanishes into thin air as he escapes. After the battle Stunt Master decides that he needs to leave L.A. and do some riding in the mountains to figure out who he is. Reunited once more, Karen Page and Daredevil realize that they care for each other as friends, and no longer as lovers.

After formal introductions are made, Johnny agrees to help Daredevil catch Death's Head but has to check in on how Roxanne is doing first. At the hospital he tries to leave Roxanne, but she talks him out of it. Meanwhile, Matt Murdock and Karen Page spend time together, but are attacked by Smasher and Death's Head once more.

Changing into Daredevil, Matt battles the two and unmasks Death's Head, revealing him to be his old foe Death-Stalker, who was seeking Paxton Page's formulas to free himself from the dimension he is trapped in. Ghost Rider arrives and helps in the battle, firing his hellfire at Death-Stalker, which causes the villain to burn up and disappear. Knowing the danger is over when Johnny changes back to normal, he and Karen Page bid farewell to Daredevil.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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