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Synopsis for "Deathplay!"

The Gladiator has broken into Delazney Studio, looking for a device left behind for his boss the Enforcer to take. Encountering Ghost Rider, the Gladiator is forced to retreat.

Investigating the situation, Johnny learns that the studio recently hired Leopold Stryke, aka the Eel, and begins watching him. When the Eel appears and leaves the studio with a device, Ghost Rider chases after him to try and see what he's after. The two get into a fight and the Eel knocks out Ghost Rider with a bolt of electricity.

When Ghost Rider comes around he finds that the Eel has been savagely murdered, fleeing when people accuse him of murdering the Eel, Ghost Rider runs into the Gladiator. Fighting the Gladiator, Ghost Rider beats him into submission and turns him over to the police. Leaving the scene, Ghost Rider wonders who hired the Gladiator.

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