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Synopsis for "Wrath of the Water Wizard!"

As Ghost Rider departs the Champion's ranks once more, he finds that he can now control his transformations into Ghost Rider whenever he wants. Meanwhile, a new criminal named Water Wizard -- who can animate water to his whims -- is committing robberies across the city.

While at Johnny's apartment, Johnny is met by Roxanne and George who are concerned about Coot's behavior of late. Johnny tells them not to worry, and both he and Roxanne begin to come to grip over their relationship together. While elsewhere, the Water Wizard and his assistant, Mole, count their loot and Water Wizard recounts how he got his powers:
Injured in a rocket attack while fighting in Vietnam, the man who would become the Water Wizard was rushed aboard a US Navy ship to have surgery performed on him. Using an experimental device during a thunder storm, the ship was struck by lightening. The lightening effected the device and mutated the Water Wizard so that he could control water.

Finishing his tale, the two are confronted by the Enforcer, who wants to hire the Water Wizard to help eliminate the Ghost Rider. Later during the latest filming of the Stuntmaster episode, Johnny finds himself attacked by animated water. Freeing himself, he spots the Water Wizard on the studio's catwalk and chases after him. The case leads to the Delazny Mansion, where Ghost Rider battles the Water Wizard one on one. The Ghost Rider defeats the Water Wizard when he lights him on fire with his hell-fire, however a torrent of water blasts Ghost Rider into a brick wall knocking him out. Mr. Delazny comes out of the shadows telling the unconscious Johnny Blaze that he shouldn't have come to the mansion.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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