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Appearing in "I, The Enforcer...!"

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Synopsis for "I, The Enforcer...!"

Standing over the unconscious Ghost Rider, Charles Delazny tells him that he should never have come here. The Enforcer appears and has his thugs tie Johnny to his motorcycle and has it drive off a cliff. Reviving in the nick of time, Johnny transforms into Ghost Rider and survives the crash unscathed.

While Roxanne is accepting a date with special effects artist Roger Cross, the Enforcer plans to kill the professor who created his disintegration ring. However, the Ghost Rider appears and gets into a fight against both the Enforcer and the Water Wizard. Defeating the Water Wizard, Ghost Rider and Enforcer battle. Ghost Rider knocks out the Enforcer and unmasks him, but doesn't recognize the face under the mask. He then returns home to call the police, unaware that Roxy is out with another man.


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