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Synopsis for "At the Mercy of the Manticore!"

While traveling the Arizona desert reflecting on the events that led to him leaving LA, the Ghost Rider participates in a friendly motorcycle race with a fellow biker which leads to him noticing bike troubles, prompting him to pull into a town for repairs.

This is the same town where Hawkeye and the Two-Gun Kid have retired to since taking a leave of absence from the Avengers. Johnny meets Hawkeye and Two-Gun, and Two-Gun and Johnny become fast friends, Johnny teaching Two-Gun how to ride a motorcycle and Two-Gun teaching Johnny how to ride a horse.

That night, Hawkeye is attacked by the Manticore, a cybernetic being hired by the Brand corporation to kill one of the Avengers as a message to Hellcat to return the suit she stole from them. Johnny is told about the Manticore's attack by Two-Gun and arrives as Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider, Two-Gun and Hawkeye then easily defeat the Manticore, Ghost Rider dismantling his armor. They come to the realization that the Manticore had no real legs, just cybernetic ones. With the villain defeated, Hawkeye realizes that he can never get away from his duties of being an Avenger.


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