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Quote1 By the all-seeing eye--I am attacked by a demon out of Hell! Quote2
Dr. Strange

Appearing in "Deadly Pawn!"

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Synopsis for "Deadly Pawn!"

While performing a motorcycle stunt, Ghost Rider is suddenly transported away and made a prisoner of Dr. Strange who is trying to destroy him. Freeing himself, Ghost Rider finds that Roxanne is being held hostage, however when he frees her it turns out she is not Roxanne at all but a demon disguised as her and is attacked by Strange once more.

As this battle rages, a horse riding bounty hunter has started searching for Johnny Blaze. As the battle between Ghost Rider, and "Dr. Strange" rages on, we learn that this is actually all an illusion created by Dormammu to put Ghost Rider in enough of a rage to want to kill Dr. Strange. Succeeding in getting Ghost Rider that mad, Dormammu transports him to Dr. Strange's Sanctum, where Ghost Rider informs the real Strange that he is going to kill him.

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