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Quote1 It is over, Strange! You sought to challenge my hellspawned power--but instead, you found death! Quote2
Ghost Rider

Appearing in "The Mage and the Monster!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "The Mage and the Monster!"

Battling Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange tries to banish his attacker to Hell, but is pulled down along with Ghost Rider as he falls. Clea sensing something is wrong, transports herself into Dr. Strange's Sanctum to follow where Strange had gone.

As the battle rages on, Strange uses his magical powers to knock out Ghost Rider and restore him back to normal and probe his mind to learn his origins. This is when Dormammu makes his presence known and attacks both Strange and Ghost Rider. In the ensuing attack, Johnny Blaze's mind is put into Strange's body, and Dormammu takes control over his own.

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