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Quote1 Ah told yew, Blaze--nobody escapes the Bounty Hunter an' ah damn well meant what ah said! It wuz either yew or me--an' ah'll be hanged if'n ah die--again! Quote2
Bounty Hunter

Appearing in "Demon's Rage!"

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Synopsis for "Demon's Rage!"

With Dormammu possessing Ghost Rider's body, Dr. Strange has Johnny Blaze's spirit transferred into his own body while he battles Dorammu in the astral plane. Working together, Blaze attacks the Ghost Rider body physically in Strange's body while in the astral plane Strange's spirit attacks Dormammu. Eventually they manage to expel Dormammu from Johnny's body and his soul is returned to it.

Returning to Strange's Sanctum they are confronted by the Bounty Hunter who has come for the Ghost Rider. Racing out of there, the Ghost Rider is chased by the Bounty Hunter through the streets of New York. Trying to escape by driving up a wall, the Ghost Rider is struck down and knocked out by a bolt of hellfire shot from the Bounty Hunter's hand.

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