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Synopsis for "The Boy Who Lived Forever!"

A prisoner of Nathan Beame, Ghost Rider watches as the boy tortures his father by forcing him to shoot himself in the head, but making the gun misfire, and torments him with the reanimated corpse of his wife. Finding the whole display revolting, Johnny transforms into Ghost Rider and attacks, but he, Nathan's father, and Woody are all incapacitated by Nathan's powers.

Locked in a cell with Nathan's father Jonathan, Johnny is told the origins of Nathan and his powers: Nathan was born in the 18th century, and due to his powers he was considered a witch by the townspeople, who sought to kill the family. Killing Nathan's mother, Nathan lashed out and began turning the townspeople into horrors. Reanimating his mother's body, Nathan and his father flee. As his mind grew stronger, his body weakened; however. he was able to construct his underground world, where they would live and Nathan would create his advanced technology.

With that said, Johnny agrees to stop Nathan once and for all, having Jonathan strike Johnny until his powers manifest. Transformed into the Ghost Rider once more, Johnny frees himself and races into the control room where he finds Woody has been turned into a tree and forced to attack him. Fighting off Woody and Nathan's attacks, Woody maintains a certain amount of control enough to blast open an oil vein, causing it to geyser up into the control room. Ghost Rider uses his hellfire to ignite it, causing the base to explode and kill everyone except for Ghost Rider, who manages to ride away after the explosion.

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