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Quote1.png God has nothing to do with this, Blaze. This is a Game of Life and Death alone. God has chosen not to interfere in my little Sports. So you're on your own, Ghost Rider! There will be no Help! Quote2.png
Death Ryder

Appearing in "Deathrace!"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • God (Mentioned)
  • Richie Petrillo
  • Anna Devere


Synopsis for "Deathrace!"

While riding across the desert, Ghost Rider's recent brush with death causes him to reflect back on a time in which he met the physical embodiment of Death. Remembering back to a time (between Ghost Rider #13 and #14) when he was riding across the desert and suddenly changed into Ghost Rider.

He finds himself confronted with another cyclist who claims to be Death. At first Blaze does not believe him, but Death touches someone along the road and they collapse and die. Death challenges Johnny—who now realizes this is no joke. Up ahead is a small girl, and they must race to see who can reach a her first. If Death arrives to first, she dies, but if Ghost Rider beats him there, she lives.

After a pitched race, where Death tries to cheat any way possible, Ghost Rider manages to catch the girl by leaping from his bike and grabbing her before Death can reach her—thus winning the competition.

However, Death then challenges Ghost Rider to the final duel, this time to decide Ghost Rider's own fate. Blaze hits him with a blast of hellfire, hops on his cycle and takes off across the desert. His initial lead is short lived as Death riders closer and closer—his hand now inches away from touching the Ghost Rider.

Blaze realizes he cannot beat Death fairly, so he does the unexpected—he cheats. As they drive up the side of a mountain, Blaze unexpectedly kicks Death's cycle, causing Death to lose control, topple down the mountainside and explode.

His recollection finished, Johnny decides not to dwell on thoughts of Death any longer and continue on his journey.


The splash page of the issue was inked inked by someone other than Steve Leialoha, but the credits do not list anyone by name, just saying "and friends".

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