Quote1.png God has nothing to do with this, Blaze. This is a Game of Life and Death alone. God has chosen not to interfere in my little Sports. So you're on your own, Ghost Rider! There will be no Help! Quote2.png
-- Death Ryder

Appearing in "Deathrace!"

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Other Characters:

  • God (Mentioned)
  • Richie Petrillo
  • Anna Devere




Synopsis for "Deathrace!"

While riding across the desert, Ghost Rider's recent brush with death causes him to reflect back on a time in which he met the physical embodiment of Death. Remembering back to a time (between Ghost Rider #13 and #14) when he was riding across the desert and suddenly changed into Ghost Rider.

He finds himself confronted with Death on a motorcycle, after proving its true power, Death offers Ghost Rider a race to see who can reach a little girl who is lost in the desert: If Death gets to the girl first, she dies, if Ghost Rider gets there, the girl lives.

After a pitched race, where Death tries to cheat any way possible, Ghost Rider manages to catch the girl by jumping off his bike and grabbing her before Death can touch her winning the competition. Death then challenges Ghost Rider to another duel, this time for Ghost Rider's own life to the winner of the next race. Racing across the desert, Ghost Rider kicks Death's bike as they are driving up the side of a mountain, causing Death's cycle to topple down the side exploding.

Finishing his recollection, Ghost Rider decides not to dwell on thoughts of Death any longer.

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