Appearing in "A Demon in Denver"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Debbie
  • Beth


  • Barney

Synopsis for "A Demon in Denver"

Arriving in Denver, Ghost Rider uses his hellfire to melt the tires of a trucker who's falling asleep on the wheel. His "attack" attracts the attention of the police who gives him a good chase, however he escapes them and changes back into Johnny Blaze.

Pulling into a diner to get a bite to eat, he realizes he doesn't have enough money for a meal, but the diner's dancer Debbie offers to square up whatever he owes. Her attention to Johnny angers one of the patrons, a construction worker named Barney. Johnny responds to his aggressive attitude by grabbing a fly buzzing around Barney's face and dropping it in his beer before he leaves with Debbie.

Taken back to Debbie's apartment, she asks Johnny if he wants to come along with her to bring her kid sister Beth to the hospital for a test on her kidney. Along the way, they are run off the road by Barney and his crew. Barney pulls Johnny out of the car and tries to give him a beating. However, Johnny turns into Ghost Rider and easily defeats them all and begins torturing them with hellfire, until the frightened pleas of Debbie and Beth cause Johnny to stop and change back to normal. Johnny gets into the car and quietly drives them the rest of the way to the hospital, wondering who's life will ever be the same again after meeting the Ghost Rider.

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