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Quote1.png Look deep into my eyes, Dick Varden! Gaze upon the face of your destroyer! Quote2.png
Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Night of the Flame Cycles!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Davey



Synopsis for "Night of the Flame Cycles!"

Riding through Omaha, Ghost Rider happens upon a circus advertisement for a cycle group called the Flaming Cyclists, who are attempting to beat Johnny Blaze's car jumping record. Deciding to check it out, Johnny is unaware that the local mob led by Dirk Varden is roughing up the circus owner to pay up the money they owe. When the owner doesn't have the money they prepare to make an accident.

Watching the performance, Johnny is shocked when the Flaming Cycles motorcycles explode in midair. When their son Davey tries to resurrect them through super-natural means, Johnny stops him and shows him how dealing with the devil is never a good idea. Deciding to get revenge on the underworld boss that is responsible for the accident, Ghost Rider tracks down Dirk Varden to his mansion.

Fighting through his goons, and chasing him out of the house, Dirk is almost shot by Davey who is stopped by Ghost Rider. Chasing after Dirk in his car into the mountains, Ghost Rider chases Dirk off the road where he crashes and his car explodes.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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