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Synopsis for "The Cult of Doom"

As the Ghost Rider speeds through the canyon roads, he happens upon a Death Cult that is about to sacrifice the Senator's daughter, Karen Sterling, to their death god. Stopping them, Ghost Rider hands the girl over to the Sheriff before finding a place to sleep for the night as John Blaze.

The next morning, Blaze stumbles upon Harley Biggs' cycle shop, and after fixing a motorcycle he's offered a chance to ride in a motorcycle race. While participating in the race, John stops the Death-Cyclists of the Death Cult attacking one of the racers. Saving the racer without changing into the Ghost Rider, John finds that it is Karen Sterling. She explains that the Death Cult's leader has all the members turn over all their worldly possessions when they join up and that her father the Senator is trying to make the cult illegal but is dealing with the legal implications of doing so.

When the Death Cult sends members to question Harley Biggs about John's whereabouts, he is burned alive when he tells them he doesn't know. Seeing the spectacle, the enraged John turns into Ghost Rider and speeds after them. In the canyons, he is ambushed and the ground he is riding on is blasted away causing Ghost Rider to fall into the chasm below.

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