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Synopsis for "Into the Abyss!"

Able to stop his plummet and actually ascend up the face of the canyon on his motorcycle, Ghost Rider tries to stop the Death Cyclists that tried to run him off the road. However when he corners them, instead of being captured they choose death and throw themselves over the canyon.

The next day, in his human form, John tells the Senator everything he found out about the Death Cult, while attorney Mark Crane tries to advise the Senator of the First Amendment issues they'd have to contend with in attempting to shut the cult down. The dinner is interrupted by Death Cult members who try to set the Senators home on fire, John chases after them changing into Ghost Rider and uses hellfire to force them into telling him what the leader's plans are.

Meanwhile back at the Sterling home, Billy Sterling is a member of the Cultists and he is told to eliminate his family by Mark, who is the leader of the Cult. Johnny returns just in time to stop Billy from killing his sister, and when he escapes tries to talk Karen out of going after him.

Following after, Johnny arrives to find that Karen has been captured by the Cult again, turning into the Ghost Rider, Johnny defeats the Cult's Death Cyclists. When the Leader tells his followers now is the time to kill themselves, Ghost Rider uses his Hellfire on the leader, revealing him to be Mark to everyone, and having him confess his true intentions. Afterwards, shocked at the realization that John is the Ghost Rider, Karen tells him to leave her alone, and so John departs alone.

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