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Synopsis for "The Menace of the Nuclear Man!"

After racing a train, the Ghost Rider changes back to John Blaze, and in his weakened state after transformation he is struck by a car. Taken into the home nearby, he meets Thurgood Vance, a scientist who was vehemently against nuclear power after a nuclear accident caused his daughter's unborn child to become horribly mutated. Thurgood tells John that after the baby was born he mercifully killed it which discredited him from the scientific community. However, it has not stopped his progress and so he shows John a suit of radiation proof armor that would harness nuclear power as well.

Just then mobsters break into the home and force Thurgood to dawn the armor in order to break into a bank for them, taking Angela hostage. Chasing after the crooks, John turns into the Ghost Rider and tries to stop them from robbing the place. However, Thurgood leaves with the money to give to the crime boss. Learning the location where Thurgood was going by helicopter, Ghost Rider arrives just after Thurgood killed the mobster and knocked out his daughter and set course to set the Wichita-Karcinoma nuclear power plant to meltdown.

Learning this, Ghost Rider and Angela race to stop him, when Angela is killed accidentally by Thurgood's nuclear blast, Ghost Rider tries to stop him, but the "Nuclear Man" manages to escape in his helicopter. Seeking vengeance, the Ghost Rider then makes Thurgood's helicopter crash. With the threat of a meltdown stopped, Ghost Rider rides off into the night.


  • As of this issue, the series is printed on a monthly basis.

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