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  • Andy (Hobo)

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Synopsis for "The Freight Train to Oblivion!"

Racing through the desert, the Ghost Rider comes across a truck that is being robbed by a group of thieves known as the Jackal Gang. After stopping the heist, the Jackal Gang makes a retreat, however a car-full of the group doesn't manage to escape the Ghost Rider's vengeance. Changing back to John Blaze, the wiped out hero decides to crawl into a railcar for the night.

There he is mugged by two drifters who hit him on the back of the head with a crowbar. Awakening with amnesia, John tumbles out of the moving traincar onto the private property of Gina Langtree, who takes John back home (dubbing him Frank Ryder) after he fixes her racer and hires him on as a mechanic, much to the chagrin of her mechanic Carl Travis.

Jealous that Gina is showing preference to "Frank", he tries to strike Johnny from behind, but warned by one of the other mechanics, John manages to avoid being struck and punches Carl out. Afterwards, John retires for the night and that evening transforms into Ghost Rider, the spirit of Ghost Rider is a little confused that John's presence is not around but goes out to seek out vengeance on the Jackal Gang.

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