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Appearing in "The Lonesome Death of Johnny Blaze!"

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  • Gina Langtree


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Synopsis for "The Lonesome Death of Johnny Blaze!"

In the night, the Ghost Rider rounds up the last of the Jackal Gang, defeating them with ease, while in the morning John Blaze awakens once more amnesic and resumes his new day job as a mechanic. When Gina crashes her car, Johnny goes out to save her.

In doing so, he has made Carl Travis even angrier about "Frank's" continued interference with "his" girl Gina and challenges "Frank" to a race. Racing around Gina's racetrack, Frank forces Johnny's car off the road and strikes John over the head with a crowbar. The blow restores John's memories, but makes him forget his entire time as "Frank Ryder", and comes around just as Carl is pushing his car off a cliff. John manages to survive the exploding car by changing into the Ghost Rider and then leaves on a hellfire motorcycle.

Having witnessed everything Gina has radioed the police, calling Carl a murderer completely unaware that "Frank" had actually survived the crash. That night as the Ghost Rider, John makes a final strike against the Jackal Gang's headquarters. The next day, as he hitchhikes across the highway, John wonders what happened during the days he had amnesia, while Gina mourns the death of "Frank".

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