Quote1.png Try as hard as you might, human scum, you shall never succeed in becoming the Ghost Rider again! Not now, not ever! After years of imprisonment, I'am free of you at last, Johnny Blaze, and by the fires of Hell I mean to remain free! Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider Spirit

Appearing in "Night of the Crimson Mage!"

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Synopsis for "Night of the Crimson Mage!"

Three criminals manage to escape the Ghost Rider after the Spirit of Vengeance started chasing them after making a robbery. They end up on the property of the Crimson Mage, who uses his crystal ball to convince them into helping him trap the Ghost Rider. Having the crooks start another bank heist, the Crimson Mage has them lure Ghost Rider onto a pentagram that mystically splits Johnny Blaze from the spirit that is the Ghost Rider.

At first John is happy to be finally rid of the Ghost Rider spirit, but when the Rider starts going on a rampage burning everything in sight, John realizes that he has a responsibility to keep the Ghost Rider in check. Going after the spirit, he suddenly realizes that he is growing weaker every moment that he and the Ghost Rider are separated. His first attempt ends with him being blasted with hellfire and being hospitalized for a short time.

Going after the Ghost Rider one more time, this time at a cattle farm the Ghost Rider is burning down, John tries to appeal to the creature. However, instead the Ghost Rider knocks Johnny down and prepares to impale him with a flaming fence post.

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