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Just as the Ghost Rider spirit is about to impale Johnny with a wooden fence post, the police arrive prompting the Ghost Rider to escape, and Johnny is arrested. The Crimson Mage, watching over the events, reflects back on when he found his crystal ball in the 11th century that prolonged his life and made him a great wizard, and how in recent times its powers are fading. The Mage hopes that once the Ghost Rider spirit is weak enough, he will be able to take control of it and continue to live indefinitely.

Johnny manages to break out of his jail cell and tracks down the Crimson Mage, in a fight he smashes the Mage's crystal ball causing the Mage to die and rapidly decompose. Commandeering a motorcycle, Blaze then tricks the Ghost Rider spirit to follow him back to the pentagram that split them apart and forces them to collide with each other on the Pentagram, merging them together once more. Whole again, the Ghost Rider then creates a hellfire bike and speeds off into the sunset.

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