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Synopsis for "To Banish a Ghost!"

Finally catching up with the crooks that tricked him into his ordeal with the Crimson Mage, the Ghost Rider makes their plane crash. Changing back to Johnny Blaze, Blaze pulls into a tavern for a quick drink. There he watches a televised event of a new motorcycle stunt man named Flagg Fargo who is attempting to smash all of Johnny's records.

When the patrons of the bar realize that John Blaze is in the same bar, they offer to buy him a new motorcycle if he goes and defends his records against Flagg Fargo. Later that night, the Ghost Rider tries to stop a bunch of looters, but fails, when he spots a Flagg Fargo truck, Ghost Rider begins to suspect that Fargo is behind it somehow.

The next day, Blaze puts on a competition with Fargo, which Fargo easily wins ahead of Blaze who can't seem to get any of his stunts right. Later that night on his way home, John is struck by a car but isn't injured.

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