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Synopsis for "The End of a Champion"

Once again losing to Flagg Fargo, Johnny loses his cool and hits his opponent. That night as Ghost Rider, John tries to track down the thieves. Believing that Fargo is involved, he breaks into Fargo's trailer and tells him that once he has a confession out of his thugs, he will come back for him.

Later, John is able to track the thieves back to their hide out and attacks them as Ghost Rider. During his interrogation of them he finds that Fargo isn't connected in any way. Returning to the stadium for one final competition, John loses once again and Fargo takes a championship trophy. After the race, when his backers are giving him flack for losing the competition, Flagg stands up for Johnny and tries to pass him the trophy. Blaze refuses realizing that Flagg's comments about how he was practicing to be the best while Blaze was traveling around the country sulking were right. Later that night, John decides to mull over the events of the past day.

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