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Traveling through the desert, John Blaze is attacked by giant Hell-Bats, and fights them off as Ghost Rider. Changing back into Blaze he comes across a small town and invited into the home of Tabitha Arcanne. Meanwhile, the bats' master, Dalton Cartwright, tells his pets that he will deal with the Ghost Rider for attacking them.

He sends the police to arrest him, but when John breaks out of jail and returns to Tabbitha's home, he finds Cartwright, who uses a medallion that prevents John from changing into Ghost Rider. Knocked out and placed in a grain silo with the bats, John uses the hurricane lantern left with him to start a fire and break out. Getting into the cabin, he knocks out Cartwright and smashes his medallion.

Changing back into Ghost Rider once more, Blaze kills the Hell-Bats and leaves the fire to spread seemingly consuming Tabatha and Cartwright in the flames.

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