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Synopsis for "Manitou's Anger... Tarantula's Sting."

Transported back to the Wild West, Johnny Blaze ends up meeting the Phantom Rider, the Ghost Rider spirit from that era. The two work together to stop the Tarantula and his men from committing a heist, and after battling the Manitou once more, Johnny as the Ghost Rider uses his hellfire to make the Tarantula and his men surrender to the sheriff.

Returned to his own time prior to Ed Pollard setting off the explosion to destroy the dam, Ghost Rider manages to throw the bombs into the sky causing them to harmlessly explode and save the town below.


  • Double-sized issue.
  • This issue includes a pin-up gallery of Ghost Rider and various guest-stars. Illustrations are provided by artists Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane and Herb Trimpe. The Pin-ups are:
    • Ghost Rider and Son of Satan
    • Ghost Rider and the Hulk
    • and Ghost Rider and the Phantom Eagle


  • The Phantom Rider was originally known by the name "Ghost Rider".

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