Quote1.png Besotted fool! Did you think to make murder this night? Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider

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Synopsis for "Personal Demons"

The Ghost Rider races down the highway and is noticed by motorcycle cop, Bob Convy. Convy gives chase, but the Ghost Rider manages to dissuade him from further pursuit.

He soon arrives at the Quentin Carnival where he turns back into Johnny Blaze. Johnny suits up for his next stunt and races his cycle through a gauntlet of dangerous obstacles. Three people in the audience, Burt, Shirley and Harry comment about Blaze's performance. Harry, a beer-swilling thug says that if Blaze was really talented, then he wouldn't have had his title stolen by Flagg Fargo.

As the show concludes, Harry prepares to go to the bar. His girlfriend however, elects to stay behind to get Johnny Blaze's autograph. Shirley is also secretly having an affair with Harry's friend, Burt. Shirley meets Johnny and flirts with him, but he fails to take notice of her.

The following day, Harry returns to the carnival. He is heavily inebriated and blames Johnny for Shirley's failure to return home. He begins swinging at Johnny, but Ralph Quentin shows up and drives Harry off.

Harry steals a nearby Earthmover and blows into the carnival tents. People scatter in all directions, and Johnny hops on his cycle. Harry manages to run Johnny down, and his body falls beneath the Earthmover's blades. He forces the transformation into Ghost Rider and fights with Harry. Ghost Rider disables the Earthmover, and tosses Harry to the ground. Gripping him by both arms, he infuses Harry with Hellfire, scarring him right down to his very soul.



  • The song that the old man is singing in the beginning of this issue is "Deep Purple", written as a piano composition by Peter de Rose in 1934. Lyrics were added in 1939 by Mitchell Parish. The song bears no relation to the 1970's rock 'n roll band, Deep Purple.

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