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Synopsis for "...And Loses His Own Soul!"

Battling who he believes to be Taurus of the Zodiac Cartel, Ghost Rider is joined by the Stuntmaster, who at a nearby signing saw the battle and wanted to join in. The two chases after Taurus and in the ensuing fight, Taurus suddenly transforms into Scorpio. "Scorpio" is soon joined by the demon Slifer, who had also granted the power to Roulette.

The One Man Zodiac reveals that he was Aquarius of the original Zodiac crime cartel and that after their defeat at the hands of the Avengers, his rare lung disease got worse and he only had a year to live. Selling his sole to Slifer, Aquarius was granted his amazing powers for one full year, after which his life would be in forfeit.

Battling Aquarius one on one, Aquarius changes into each member of the Zodiac, when he finally changes back to his original form, Slifer tells him that his year is up (a trick since Aquarius changed into each Zodiac sign thereby passing a "year") and claims his soul, and both Aquarius and Slifer disappear. Suddenly Ghost Rider is confronted by Satan once more.

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