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Quote1.png For this time you face...Satan Himself! Too long have you defied my power, Johnny Blaze--Far too long, and though you have bested two of my servants, your fate is sealed Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Satan Himself!"

Following the defeat of the One Man Zodiac, Satan has appeared before the Ghost Rider to once more try and take his soul. However, he finds he is still unable to do so due to Roxanne's protection of him. Satan then vows that he will strike at Ghost Rider through her before disappearing.

Changing back into John Blaze at dawn, Ghost Rider travels to the hospital where he visits Stuntmaster and is reunited with Roxanne. Roxanne begins seeing visions of her father, Crash Simpson, being tortured in Hell, and that night reaches out to what appears to be his soul. This is all a trick by Satan who transports her to Hell.

As the Ghost Rider speeds off to seek out the aid of Son of Satan, Satan himself is tormenting Roxanne with visions of her father's eternal torment, and she passes out. Satan then transforms Slifer into a new form called Inferno and sends him to the Earth dimension to battle the Ghost Rider. Appearing before Ghost Rider, Inferno uses his powers to turn the people witnessing the spectacle into a fearful mob that attacks Ghost Rider. When Roxanne revives, she tells Satan that she doesn't believe that her father is in Hell because Johnny told her that a Messenger took him after their last encounter. Satan laughs telling her that the "messenger" was really him and that it was a trick. Roxanne then pleads with Satan to let her father go, Satan offers her a bargain: Renounce her protection of Ghost Rider, and he will free her father's soul.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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