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An impressive display, mortal...which doesn't alter the fact that I have come for your soul!
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Ghost Rider
I'll fight you, Satan--For all eternity if need be--but you'll never claim my soul!
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Cretin! It is already mine!
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Appearing in "The Hell-Bound Hero!"

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Synopsis for "The Hell-Bound Hero!"

While the Ghost Rider is forced to fight the people under Inferno's control, Satan goads Roxanne into renouncing her protection over him. Not wishing her father to suffer in eternal torment, Roxanne finally cracks and renounces her protection. Victorious, Satan reveals to her it was all a trick, and her father's soul was never in his possession.

While on Earth, the Ghost Rider soon finds that his powers have been reduced when his hellfire motorcycle disappears and he becomes vulnerable once more in his Ghost Rider form. Satan also appears with Roxanne, demanding that Ghost Rider surrender his soul. However, in spite of this drawback, the Ghost Rider is able to beat Inferno into unconsciousness.

Before Satan can do any more, a "friend" appears and stops Satan, and forces him to let Roxanne go and retreat, he then reverses the effect that Inferno had on people, and leaves soon after telling John that he is a friend. The next night, Roxanne realizes that she needs to sort out who she is and decides to leave Johnny to figure that out. While in hell, Satan transforms Inferno into yet another form, a form of somebody whom Satan hopes will gain Johnny's trust.


  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]
  • Isabella credits Steve Gerber with the plot to have "God" save Johnny Blaze.

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  1. Marvel Essentials: Ghost Rider, Volume 1

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