Quote1 By the way, my name is John Blaze -- and I'm either going to kill the Ghost Rider, or I'm going to have to kill you! Quote2
-- John Blaze

Appearing in "You'll Never See What's Coming Next!"

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Synopsis for "You'll Never See What's Coming Next!"

Ghost Rider comes across some addicts mugging an elderly couple looking for cash. He stops them, and learns that their dealer is someone named Snowblind. But Dan has been pushing Stacy and his mom away from him, becoming more and more obsessed with vengeance. He leaves them behind, and goes out searching for Snowblind. In Brooklyn Heights, Snowblind gets a call that he is to take care of Ghost Rider before he interferes any further. While interrogating a dealer, Ghost Rider is caught in a trap by a SWAT team, who open fire instantly, killing the dealer. He escapes, and heads to Snowblinds headquarters. Ghost Rider crashes through the door, and Snowblind activates his white field, that only he can see in. But he's surprised that Ghost Rider can see in it as well. They battle back and forth, but Ghost Rider gets the upper hand. Just as he's about to give Snowblind his penance stare, Snowblind drops the white field, and two cops come in telling Ghost Rider to drop him and surrender. Ghost Rider rides out the window, and Snowblind tells the police captain that something needs to be done. So Captain Hoffman, shoots the other cop in the back of the head, and calls it in as the Ghost Rider killing him. In Deathwatch's offices, he's very pleased with the results so far, and tells Linda Wei on the phone that he's looking forward to the evening's broadcast. In Cypress Hills Cemetery, Ghost Rider changes back to Dan, but is caught offguard by a shotgun pointing at the back of his head. The man that's been riding all the way from New Mexico introduces himself as John Blaze, and he's come to kill the Ghost Rider.


  • In the scene where the corrupt cops come in, they are first both shown drawing their service revolvers, but in the next scene, one of them is showing firing what appears to be an M-16.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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