Quote1 Are you suffering, Zarathos? Suffering like all the poor souls who were on the receiving end of your hellfire? It's your turn to experience some pain. Quote2
-- John Blaze

Appearing in "Happily Ever After?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Norton (City Worker)
  • Ralph (City Worker)




Synopsis for "Happily Ever After?"

John Blaze has captured Dan Ketch, and left his motorcycle behind. Now he waits, so that he can kill the demon that has haunted him most of his life. Below Central Park, two sewer workers are sent to investigate why there is a major blockage, and discover dozens of bodies causing the problem. But before they can get out, Blackout adds two more bodies to the pile. Ghost Rider's motorcycle, starts up and comes to Dan's rescue, transforming into Ghost Rider, John uses magic to try and hold him. When he pulls his shotgun, Ghost Rider grabs it, and mystic hellfire leaps from him, through the shotgun, and into Blaze. This mystic circuit empowers the shotgun to fire and endless supply of hellfire, so he begins to endlessly fire at Ghost Rider, putting him down and almost killing him, before he can barely get away. Blackout visits Deathwatch, and informs him of his progress, Deathwatch then calls H.E.A.R.T. to tell them to ready their trap.

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