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Quote1.png Sinners. Blashphemers. Flase prophets. Tonight, Father, they will fall in your name. Tonight, they will fall before the vengeful wrath of Hobgoblin. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Changes"

Dan wakes up in the hospital, where John Blaze had taken him. Stacy and Dan's mom come in, and praise John for saving Dan. Dan's confused, until John tells him that he had come there to kill Zarathos, not him. Later, after Dan is discharged, John begins teaching him some street fighting techniques to help defend himself, since the magic may not always be there. Dan becomes suspicious when a limo pulls up to take his mom to church, but there are no services that evening. Dan follows her to an old deconsecrated church, but he and John are caught by their armed guards. Just then, Hobgoblin bursts in and begins blasting everything, followed by Spider-Man, who's trying to stop Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin flies off with Ghost Rider in hot pursuit, leaving a very confused Spider-Man talking to the man who used to be Ghost Rider - John Blaze.


  • Includes letters written from Tony Tucker, Ben Meyer, "Uncle Elvis", Demarco Wynne, and Farley Marshall

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