Quote1 Let me make this vow thing easy for you -- Deathwatch isn't human! Quote2
-- Snowblind

Appearing in "Death Drive"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • None


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Beck (Employee of Deathwatch)



  • None


Synopsis for "Death Drive"

Ghost Rider saves several people from the building collapse, and when he gets them out, several people including the police begin to question if he might be one of the good guys after all. Ghost Rider wants revenge on Deathwatch for , in a sense, making him kill by sending the ninjas. Meanwhile, Deathwatch brings in two old associates, Hag and Troll, to help him clean up some loose ends. Ghost Rider goes to Snowblind in the hospital to get information on where he can find Deathwatch.


  • Includes letters written in from Todd Goodman, Mohammed Zarrar, Matt Sunrich, Jimmy Thayer, and Daniel Wilson

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