Quote1.png The trail of deaths caused by these canisters will end now, with you. Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Deathwatch"

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Other Characters:

  • Detective McDermott (Only appearance; dies)[1]




Synopsis for "Deathwatch"

At the 75th Precinct, Paulie is being questioned by the cops on what the canisters are and why so many people are dying for them. She doesn't know, but then the station is attacked by Blackout, Deathwatch, and Deathwatch's ninjas. They kill everyone inside and take Paulie so that they can locate the canisters. The Cypress Pool Jokers are in one of the mausoleums figuring out a way to free Paulie, when Deathwatch's group arrives. At the Fisk Building in midtown Manhattan, the Kingpin wants all available men within the hour armed and ready to go. He wants those canisters at all costs. Back at the cemetery, they begin interrogating the Jokers by killing Angel. Deathwatch reveals that the contents of the canisters, when combined, will release a mutated biotoxin that will kill half the population of the tri-state area immediately, the rest will die a slow and painful death. The toxin will then spread throughout the country like a plague. The Arranger then arrives and demands the release of Paulie and the canisters to him. Deathwatch is about to resist when with a snap of his fingers, at least fifty men come out of the shadows, all armed and all targeting Deathwatch and his men. Deathwatch, understanding the situation, tells Blackout to turn over the canisters. Enraged, Blackout kills the Arranger and runs into the Darkness with the canisters and Paulie in tow. Running through the cemetery, Paulie remembers where the third canister is, and now Blackout has all three, but Ghost Rider has arrived and begins his attack. While Paulie is watching the fight, a shadowy figure grabs her from behind and pulls her into the darkness. Grabbing Blackout, Ghost Rider holds him tight and Blackout attempts to bite into the Ghost Rider, and the result is mystic hellfire scorching Blackout's face into a melted mess. Screaming, Blackout flees into the darkness. The next morning, the Kingpin reflects on the prior night's events and on whether the Ghost Rider will become an eventual thorn in his side.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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