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Quote1.png You all claim to want answers and vengeance. I'll take you right to the heart of them both if you've got the guts to stare them in the face. Quote2.png
-- Caretaker

Appearing in "Inner Truths"

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Synopsis for "Inner Truths"

Blaze and Ghost Rider find Caretaker and Vengeance at Cypress Hills Cemetery. Ghost Rider and Vengeance begin to fight, but Caretaker grabs them by their necks and carries them along. Seer takes the Quentin Carnival members to the Nightclub.

Beneath the cemetery, Centurious tests the power of Ghost Rider's chain against some Stygian demons. Lilith informs him that Mrs. Ketch has escaped.

Ghost Rider and Vengeance begin to argue again, so Caretaker forcibly changes them back to human form. He leads them and Blaze into a crypt, and explains the history of the Medallion of Power. In the past, Zarathos had used its power for his own purposes. The Spirits of Vengeance joined forces with the Blood, and sacrificed themselves to defeat him. The Blood shattered the Medallion, then placed the pieces into two human bloodlines to keep them separated. Caretaker reveals that Dan, Blaze, and Badilino currently possess those pieces.

Fleeing down the tunnel, Mrs. Ketch runs into the heroes. The Lilin and Centurious arrive shortly after her. Centurious fires a blast at Dan, but Mrs. Ketch jumps in the way and is hit instead. Dan transforms into Ghost Rider, fights Centurious, and takes back his chain.

Suddenly, Zarathos explodes out of Centurious' body.


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