Quote1.png I am Hyde. I've fought the likes of Thor, Hercules, and the Hulk -- do you expect me to believe that a motorcycle riding freak could hurt me more than they could? Quote2.png
-- Mr. Hyde

Appearing in "You Can Run, But You Can't Hyde!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • S.B. (Racist gang member)
  • Bobbie (Racist gang member)
  • Ricko (Racist gang member)
  • Fraser (Biker gang member)
  • Gina (Waitress in biker bar)
  • Scott (Guy wanting to park his car in garage)
  • Jason (Child that was kidnapped)




Synopsis for "You Can Run, But You Can't Hyde!"

Three guys in a gang of angry men are about to assault a black family claiming that ever since they moved in, kids have been disappearing. Ghost Rider come to deal out vengeance, we are then taken to a bar were a drunken bar goer harasses a worker, she gives him a punch and he rambles on about being beaten but the hulk and Captain America, but she will fill his fury now. The bar's bouncer stops the man from hitting her and tells him he had to much to drink and it's best if he leaves and throws him out. Dr. Calvin Zabo comes back in the bar and strikes the bouncer with a beer bottle and flees, Danny Ketch is shown in the cypress hill turning back into himself. Dr. Calvin Zabo runs into a parking garage where Ketch is about to store the bike to hide and make sure no one get's there hands on the bike. After putting the bike away Ketch and the person who helped him store it run in to the biker gang chasing Dr. Calvin Zabo, after refusing to let them go further to look for Zabo they subdue Ketch's friend, and lock him and Ketch in the garage's guard station. Simultaneously to transformations happen Dr. Calvin Zabo finally is able to revert to his Hyde Persona after getting a head injury from the Hulk, while Danny's bike burst in to flames and escaped from the chained and locked chain-link fence and comes to him and transforms in the Ghost Rider, after touching the talisman. Hyde attacks the biker gang and is about to hurl a car full of youths at them when Ghost Rider Stops him a Battle ensues. Ghost Rider is able to use his Penitence Stare on Hyde and for a short time it reverts him back to Zabo then back to Hyde, he flees Ghost Rider chases him but is still unable to get Hyde but as he runs of he says that he will seek his revenge. Then as the comic ends we see to guy knocking over a lady, and stealing her baby we are left with a Punisher logo.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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