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Quote1.png She must be avenged. Even if you only watched, you are as responsible as the others. After her wounds heal, her pain will still run deeply. You must feel her pain. Quote2.png
Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Getting Paid!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • 🢐 Flag-Smasher 🢒
  • Louie (Rapist)
  • Doug (Cameraman for Linda Wei)
  • J (Gang member)
  • Tommy T (Gang member)
  • Chuck (Newscaster)
  • Eddie (11 year old that Dan knows)

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Getting Paid!"

Ghost Rider is seen dealing with a local street gang after they assaulted a lady, he's about to use his penance stare as cops arrive he flees into the night. The next day another street gang using high powered weaponry start shooting up Washington Square Park as punisher cleans house. Subduing one of the teens he finds out were they are getting there weapons. Daniel Ketch finds out about the wear house from a local street kid who's he mentoring named Eddie, and Ketch goes to investigate. Upon arriving he ask if this is the place and get threatens with his life. The street kids want there weapons so they chose not to kill Daniel but tell him not to come back. In Forest Park the insignia on his bike glows and he's goes back to the warehouse, Punisher watching through his Scope notices that Ghost Rider is looking straight at him and wonders if he see's him. Punisher's question is easily answered when Ghost Rider confronts him on the building where he was staking out the warehouse. After some Tussling Ghost Rider summons his bike and heads full speed at Punisher, snaring him on the front of the bike as they fall through the warehouse window where Flag-Smasher is speaking to an army of youths. They are now trapped as Flag-Smasher Guards surround Punisher & Ghost Rider.

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