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Quote1.png There are things far worse than death, boy. Quote2.png
-- Ghost Rider

Appearing in "Do or Die!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters

  • Carlos (Gang member caught by Punisher and Ghost Rider)
  • Cliff (Owner of Messenger Service)




Synopsis for "Do or Die!"

Continued from last issue....

Ghost Rider & Punisher are back to back as the mob of youths and Flag-Smashers Guard Surrounds them they Start to fend off the whole Mob, but Flag-Smasher tells the youth to leave he has other plans for them and there death will hinder this plan. Flag-Smasher then escapes himself, he has rigged the warehouse to explode, Punisher & Ghost Rider escape and shortly thereafter the building blows up. A straggler that was at the warehouse is seen running into and alley, Punisher threatens him and Ghost Rider uses a scare tactic to get info on where Flag-Smasher might be next. He tell them the Flag-Smasher Guards will be handing out guns at the World Trade Center late at night. they break up that party and question a Flag-Smasher guard as where he might be now, he tips them of about Flag-Smashers plan, which is to attack the Federal Bank Reserve and use an Electro Magnetic Pulse Generator to short out the computers destroying the electronic money and steal the paper money. They Blaze a trail for Flag-Smasher an take out all of his 10 troops that were using flight sleds. They finally get Flag-Smasher and prevent him from fulling his plan, Ghost Rider gives him the penance stare as the cops come again while Punisher & Ghost Rider flee from them in to the night.


Publication Notes

  • Includes letters written in by Mark Phillips, Micah Schirado, Marson Fedrick, Mike Christiansen, Mike Nixon, and Jacob Gilbert.

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