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Synopsis for "The Black Hole"

Nick Fury delivers a captive Ghost Rider to a secret federal prison called the Black Hole, but just as they arrive Ghost Rider escapes. The facility’s leader, Spook, orders Fury to leave saying they will take of it. Spook’s men blast Ghost Rider nearly to pieces and take him into custody again, and the scientist Dr. Keene and her cyborg assistant Mr. Wright begin to study him. Dr. Keene expresses concerns about having so many super-powered wildcards in one place but Spook dismisses her concerns. Spook visits another such prisoner, Skinner, hoping to use him to track down other Lilin.

Elsewhere in a NYC bar, Stacy Dolan beats up two roughnecks hitting on her and leaves with her partner Ski, who tries to calm her down.

Dr. Keene dons a special suit to examine Ghost Rider personally; Danny Ketch and GR meet in a shared, stage-like mindspace to discuss their dilemma. Ketch agrees to relinquish control for the moment; Ghost Rider breaks free again but is quickly shot down by the Black Hole guards. This injures him so much he is forced to transform back into Ketch, leaving him at Dr. Keene’s mercy.

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