Quote1 Scream if you must... pray if you want to... but know that you are alone... and no one who can hear you cares. Quote2
-- Spook

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Synopsis for "Inmates"

In NYC, Dan Ketch’s friend Jack d’Auria confronts Stacy Dolan and accuses her of betraying Dan. She says she only wanted Ghost Rider, not Dan, but Jack leaves indignantly.

Inside the secret government research facility called the Black Hole, Dan Ketch says he will cooperate but is restrained and examined and prodded, and Spook later intends to dissect him. Ketch and Ghost Rider have another face-to-face conversation deep in Ketch’s mind; Ghost Rider says in order to escape he must have full control.

Elsewhere in the Black Hole, Ebenezer Laughton, aka the Scarecrow, is also shackled and experimented upon. The doctors re-configure his bones back to normal in order to study his healing and pain sensitivity. In another room, the Lilin called Skinner is also tortured and confined for study.

At Stacy’s house, Daniel Ketch’s mother visits her to say that once she finds Danny she never wants to see Stacy again. In despair, she runs into the street but her partner Ski catches up with her to talk.

In the Black Hole, Dan Ketch is tortured more and then left unconscious for future dissection. In his mind, Ketch merges with Ghost Rider completely. This gives him the power to break free and reassemble his motorcycle as well, which bursts through the facility’s power source to get to him, knocking out the lights. Ghost Rider beats up the guards sent to restrain him. Meanwhile, Scarecrow and Skinner have escaped as well and begin slaughtering everyone they can find.

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