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Nick Fury has arrived with a squad of Avengers to deal with the destruction of the Black Hole and the breaking free of its prisoners. Inside, Ghost Rider break down a steel wall to prevent the room from flooding with radioactive materials. Scarecrow is about to kill Spook, but is surprised to find Spook unafraid of him, which renders him powerless. Spook says they should work together to kill Ghost Rider.

Hercules pounds his way inside and, with the other Avengers, takes out Rak and Dread. Black Widow asks who all was being held here; Fury says even he did not know, but Ghost Rider is certainly inside and he may be an ally.

Deep inside the Black Hole Dr. Keene is pursued by Skinner but Ghost Rider finds her first. Skinner murders more guards and has a tense standoff with Ghost Rider.

Spook transfers all of his secret files out and sets a bomb to kill everyone inside, leaving Scarecrow to guard the door. Fury and Black Widow decide to go deeper inside to deactivate the bomb while the other Avengers pull back.

Ghost Rider tears off Skinner’s outer flesh covering, revealing his true skeletal demonic form underneath. He tries to use his penance stare but because Skinner is not human, it backfires, causing Ghost Rider searing pain. He recovers and flees with Dr. Keene, leaving Skinner behind.

With just minutes left before the whole facility explodes, Nick Fury and Black Widow run into the Scarecrow and experience crippling panic attacks. Before Scarecrow can end them, however, Ghost Rider arrives to take him down.

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