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Ghost Rider easily knocks Scarecrow around, but Nick Fury cannot stop the bomb. Scarecrow steals the only escape pod; Ghost Rider orders the others to climb on his bike and they zoom out of the building just as it explodes. Fury is grateful for the save but says it’s not over between them. Fury and Spook have a tense standoff too, but Fury leaves to go catch the Punisher and says the government will be investigating Spook and the Black Hole facility.

Several weeks later, Spook discovers Danny Ketch’s name and, still hunting for Ghost Rider, resolves to track him down. Danny, meanwhile, is happily back with his new girlfriend in NYC.

The Punisher raids a newly defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. cover business and steals their weaponry; while looking for info on Fury, who he believes killed his family, Punisher also discovers files on the Ghost Rider. Over his son’s objections, Nick Fury gears up to go take down the Punisher.

Spook has located Ketch and tells his men to assassinate him that night. Ketch goes to Cypress Hill cemetary to visit Barbara’s grave with his mother, and Captain Dolan finds him there. He raises the possibility of Danny and his daughter Stacy reconciling, but Danny abruptly rides away. As Danny Ketch arrives at his girlfriend’s apartment, Spook’s assassin pulls the trigger. His shot misses however, because he himself was just shot by the Punisher. Punisher, believing Spook’s men work for Fury, begins killing them while pulling Danny to safety.

Danny turns into Ghost Rider to fight Spook and tells Punisher it’s not his fight. Ghost Rider catches Spook and delivers his penance stare. Punisher says he needs to kill him, which ends up sparking a fight between the two vigilantes. Punisher uses a grenade to blast Ghost Rider away, and uses the opportunity to murder Spook, leaving a message that says Fury is next.

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