Quote1.png Everything that he loves -- everyone -- will be taken from him -- beginning with you, dearest Barbara. Quote2.png
-- Blackout

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Synopsis for "Obsession"

The Scarecrow breaks out of his psychiatric hospital and goes on a killing spree. Stacy and Mrs. Ketch try to get back into Dan's life since he's been shutting everyone out since Barb's accident, so Stacy and Dan go out to dinner. At the NYU Medical Center, Blackout sneaks in and kills the janitor, and begins working his way towards a specific room. After their dinner, Stacy and Dan go for a walk, and come across one of Scarecrow's crime scenes. Dan looks over and sees his bike, that he had left at his home. Dan gets on and rides off, leaving Stacy behind. Ghost Rider finds the Scarecrow, and tries to capture him, but he manages to slip away. Back in the hospital, Blackout locates the room of Barbara Ketch, and begins telling her that he knows all about her brother, that he's been watching him and knows that he's the Ghost Rider. He plans on causing Dan unendurable pain, beginning with her, and then kills her. The next day, Dan gets the news about his sister, and after transforming into Ghost Rider that night, goes after Scarecrow with an increased rage. Ghost Rider grabs him, and hurling him back, impales Scarecrow on his own pitchfork. After he rides off, shadowy figures arrive and remove Scarecrow's body and carry it off. Two days later, Dan along with family and friends attend Barbara's funeral.

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