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In a court of law Edsel Mohr and his motorcycle-producing company Maxa Corp. are found not culpable for a series of apparent malfunctions that caused their motorcycles to explode, killing at least one young man. Reading about this in the newspaper, Johnny Blaze becomes Ghost Rider, rides to the Maxa Corp. headquarters and bursts inside. Unfazed by the gunfire of several security guards, he rides an elevator up and confronts Edsel Mohr.

Without ever saying a word, Ghost Rider lassoes the screaming man by the neck with his chain and rides through a window and up the side of the building. On the roof, Mohr admits he signed off on a faulty product because it was cheaper to deal with a few lawsuits than to recall and re-design the motorcycle. But then he chastises Ghost Rider, saying if he kills him the Vice President will simply take over and do the same thing. He says Ghost Rider’s problem is not with him but with capitalism. Hearing this, Ghost Rider throws him off the building and tells his associates to do better.

The next morning the new President of Maxa Corps officially recalls the dangerous motorcycle and vows in a press conference to take the company in a new direction. Waking up on a park bench nearby and being mistaken for a vagrant by a policeman, Johnny Blaze says things have gotten out of control.

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