Appearing in "The Hammer Lane Part 2 of 6- Hard Brake"

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  • Chloe (First appearance)


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Synopsis for "The Hammer Lane Part 2 of 6- Hard Brake"

Johnny Blaze calls up his girlfried Chloe to assure her he’s ok, but she is upset at his refusal to provide more details. He visits a mechanic who tells him the location of Emmett’s warehouse; Blaze then becomes Ghost Rider and rides there, bursting through a back door and confronting Emmett’s son who runs things. He sets the office on fire, but Emmett says he was only pushing the drivers so hard because another evil man, Corbal, is above him and demands money. Ghost River leaves as the whole building explodes behind him.

Blaze has a dream in which he confronts the Ghost Rider, and each entity says they wish the other would leave him alone. He wakes up in a phone booth in Maryland, shocked and angered to learn about Ghost Rider’s latest rampage. He vomits and then makes his way to a church, where he asks the preacher for an exorcism, saying there is a demon inside him who kills people; and that he thought he was free of the curse but is not. The preacher welcomes him inside, and despite being reluctant to cross the threshold of the church, Blaze enters, but when he sees the Ghost Rider in the mirror instead of his own reflection, he flees in a panic and rides away.

Back in the bar he overhears a conversation between two men and a bounty hunter/assassin called Gunmetal Gray. A drunken Blaze decides to hire him to kill Ghost Rider.

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