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Quote1 A couple of years ago, they finally caught up with him. He rode like a lunatic, tried every move and trick he knew, but in the end they carried him away. You know the Inferno, Malachi; they always get their man. You've got to get the Ghost Rider out of Hell. Quote2

Appearing in "The Road to Damnation Part One"

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Synopsis for "The Road to Damnation Part One"

In Hell, Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, rides to escape, with the hordes of Hell hot on his trail. But they catch him, and rend him limb from limb, as they always do every night. On Earth, Daniel and Malachi, two angels, are going over their plan to save Malachi from something he did. And now Kazann is loose on Earth, and they need to Ghost Rider to help. Too bad he's in Hell.


  • Ghost Rider (Volume 5) is a six-issue limited series published under Marvel's Marvel Knights imprint.


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