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Appearing in "The Road to Damnation Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The Road to Damnation Part Two"

Earl Gustav of Gustav Petroleum is a bitter and diseased man. Paralyzed in a drunk driving accident, he hates the world. And wants to raise the arch-demon Kazann here on Earth. To do that, he sacrifices his entire board of directors to give Kazann a body. In Hell, Ghost Rider thinks he's finally escaped, but it's not true. Malachi reveals himself and shows Johnny that the demons chasing him are now chasing an illusion so that they can talk freely. Malachi offers him complete redemption, to live out the rest of his days free of the Ghost Rider, if he will defeat Kazann and return him to Hell before Hoss or Ruth do. Johnny agrees, and the Ghost Rider roams the Earth once more.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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