Quote1 DEMONS. Your time has come. For this is Hell's own country now. The old inferno is behind us. Here we may stretch our wings, extend our claws and tentacles, and revel in our newfound home. The long and costly war with Heaven is forgotten. And now the war on Man begins. Quote2
-- Kazann

Appearing in "The Road to Damnation Part Five"

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Synopsis for "The Road to Damnation Part Five"

Mr. Gustav, Kazann, and unwittingly Miss Catmint have set loose demons on Earth, so that they can form a new Hell. Ruth is in the building going after Kazann, and Ghost Rider and Hoss are trying to get in. Ghost Rider finally finds his bike again and lets loose his own hell on the demons of the pit. Ghost Rider goes after Kazann while Hoss and Ruth face off against each other, and Ruth comes out on top. Ghost Rider runs into Kazann, and the demon teases him with a touch of the truth as to why he's there. Father Adam is on a crane next to the building, and using bullets anointed with holy water, hopes to redeem himself in the eyes of God so that he can be forgiven, but he misses and the Ghost Rider lights him up.

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