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Quote1.png You're both as bad as each other! You're monsters! Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, you're exactly the same! Nothing but tyrants! Psychopaths! Sadists! Cruel, heartless filth, playing your twisted games with humanity! Damn your bottomless black souls, you made me no more than a pawn! Quote2.png
Ghost Rider

Appearing in "The Road to Damnation Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Road to Damnation Conclusion"

Ghost Rider faces off against Kazann, and manages to destroy his physical form. Miss Catmint works up the courage to face Mr. Gustav and forces him to recite the spell of recall, closing the gate and sucking the demons and Kazann back to Hell, or she will push him over the ledge. He does so, but Ruth startles her and she drops him anyway. Ghost Rider rejoices in his victory that Kazann is back in Hell, and then Father Adam puts a bullet through his head, then dies himself. Father Adam wakes up in a pure white place, with Jesus telling him that his sins are forgiven, when he asks if it's really true, Jesus changes into Hoss and tells him "No, not really", and Father Adam begins to burn. Ghost Rider wakes up in Hell, just as Mr. Gustav goes rolling by with his head on fire. Malachi arrives and tells him that he was used by him. Malachi tells him to take comfort that he managed to do a little good in his time on Earth, and just then Ruth rips his wings off from behind and the stumps begin to burn. Hoss arrives and tells Ghost Rider the entire truth. Malachi and Kazann are really brothers, and Kazann used to be an angel, but sided with Lucifer during the rebellion. They still kept in touch and fed each other information so that they could both rise in ranks on their respective sides. Hoss tells him he's sorry, but there's nothing he can do, so he gives him some advice, to take his pleasures where he can. Later, we see the Ghost Rider racing through Hell like we saw him before. Only this time, he's dragging Malachi behind him the whole way.

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